Youth Commonwealth Games, Pune, India

We wish to advise that the Commonwealth Games Association is to hold the Youth Commonwealth Games in Pune, India from 12th to 18th October 2008.

Wrestling is included in the program and is open to Male Cadets only.
The FILA cadet age categories for wrestling will apply, therefore, only those persons who will be aged 16 and 17 years old within 2008 (plus those turning 15 years old with medical and parental certification) wil be considered for selection.

Please note:
1. No exceptions to the age specification will be permitted.
2. seven weight categories apply but only six wrestlers will be permitted by the Commonwealth Games Association
3. the weight categories are as follows:
    39 to 42 Kg. / 46 Kg / 50 Kg / 58 Kg / 63 Kg / 69 Kg. No weight tolerance is permitted.
4. To assist in the selection of the team, the WAInc will use both the Australia Cup 2008 and the Australian Nationals as qualifying events. Both events will include specific events for those wishing to be considered for team selection.

Participation in both events is essential to ensure consideration for selection.
The team members will be announced within 2 weeks of the Australian Nationals.
Please ensure that you keep yourself informed of the details for the qualifying events.

2008 Oceania Championships

Venue: Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, Australia
Date: 8 – 10 February 2008
Participant Countries: New Zealand, Palau, Guam, Samoa, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Northern Marianas Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga.

Closing Dates: Preliminary: 7 Dec. 2008,  Entries by Name: 7th Jan. 2008

Specific Competition Information
Competition Program
Competition Regulations
Preliminary Registration Juniors
Preliminary Registration Seniors
Registrations Junior Freestyle
Registrations Junior Female
Registrations Junior Greco-Roman
Registrations Senior Freestyle
Registrations Senior Female
Registrations Senior Greco-Roman

Current Teams

World Championships,

Baku Azerbaijan,  17-23 September 2007

Team Managers  John Saul
  Cheryl Bollard
Coaches Shawn Willis
  Sam Parker
  Vladimir Popov
Referees  Leonid Zaslavsky
Athletes  Kyla Bremner 48 kg Women's
  Lin Donevska 55kg Women's
  Shane Parker 55kg Freestyle and 55 kg Greco
  Corey O'Brien 60kg Freestyle
  Gentian Balashi 66kg Freestyle
  Ali Abdo 74kg Freestyle
  Sandeep Kumar 84kg Freestyle
  Ian Wardell 96kg Freestyle
  Denis Roberts 120kg Freestyle
  Hassan Shahsavan 74kg Greco
  David Mc Intyre 84kg Greco
  Ivan Popov 96kg Greco
  Eoghn Tivoli 120kg Greco

Junior World Championships

Beijing 21-26 August 2007

Team Managers  John Saul
David Boucher
Coach  Sam Parker
Referees  Larry Papadopolous
Leonid Zaslavsky
Athletes  Mehrdad Tarash 60kg Freestyle
James Lord 66kg Freestyle and Greco
Gene Kapoufs 74kg Freestyle
Mark Anthony 84kg Freestyle

2008 Beijing Olympics

Document (PDF Format)

Includes Information on:

Australian Team members who are being nominated for the 2008 Olympics are:

Kyla Bremner        - 48kg Female
Sandeep Kumar     - 84kg Freestyle
Ali Abdo               - 74kg Freestyle
Hassan Shahsavan  - 74kg Greco-Roman

Standards for the Nomination of Officials

Relating to nominations of Section Manager and Coach

Team Manager Job Description

Responsibilities, Conditions of appointment, Competencies

Team Manager Statement of Duties

What is required of this person before, during and after the Games

Wrestling Team Nomination Criteria

*       Nominations information, Qualification Events

*       Consent forms

*       WAInc Communication Policy,

*       FILA Olympic Wrestling Events, and Qualifications

Team Selection Criteria

*       Reciept of Nominations

*       Olympic Team Selection Eligibility, Selection

Nomination Criteria for Qualifier events

*       Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three Qualification events.

AOC Informative Presis Olympic Team Selection Bylaw

*       The Shadow Team selection

*       Selection Criteria and Participation Criteria, and Nomination by National Federation

*       Requirements for selection by the AOC

*       Appeals through the AOC Appeals Tribunal or through the Court of Arbitration for Sport



2007 Major International Event Selection Policy

Selection Policy: 2006 (doc)

Proposed Strategy/Plan Vision for Wrestling in Australia : 2005 - 2010 (pdf)

This Plan been endorsed by Management Committee and is being forwarded to the States for consideration, review, comment etc, with a comment closing date of 15th Jan 2005.
Please forward your comments to the National Administrator (See Contacts page for email address)

WAInc  Anti-Doping Policy (2011)

WAInc Risk Management Policy - 2010 - (pdf)
   Useful excerpts:
       Indemnity Form (page 28)

WAInc Member Protection Policy - 2010 (pdf)

16 Year Old Policy  This Policy is to be followed when athletes who are 16 years old or younger wish to compete as Juniors.

National Youth Policy  - Developing Youth Friendly and Safe wrestling clubs and programs.

Communication Policy (pdf) - How the WAInc and the Australian wrestling community communicate official information.

Privacy Policy 


Competition Documents to be filled out and returned to the National WAIncOffice before the day of competition

Other Helpful Documents
Competition Checklist (MS Word format)
Competition Guidelines (MS Word format)


License Books

        License Scheme Information (pdf)

        Licence Book Application (For Individuals) (pdf) (Word)

        Licence Book Application (For Teams) (Excel)

Official Rules

2006 (Dec) FILA Official Rules (pdf)
2009 Rule Change Announcment by FILA
           Comments by "The Mat", (USA's Wrestling Body)
Clinch Rule (pdf)  (click here for further Explanation)

Beach Wrestling Rules (pdf)
International Licence
Junior & Cadet Championship Changes - 2004 (pdf)
Referee Changes 2004 (pdf)

Beach Wrestling

Beach Wrestling has been codified by FILA during the Athens Congress in 2004 in order to bring together all the different traditional wrestling styles practiced on sand and to make them more popular worldwide. Beach Wrestling is practised in swimming suit within a sand circle of 6m and consists of very simple rules. A match lasts three minutes and is refereed by a single referee. To win the match, the wrestler must keep his opponent’s shoulders on the ground (victory by fall), bring him to the ground twice or push him out of the competition area twice. This new wrestling style is very popular and contributes to wrestling being more accessible and festive.

During Beach Wrestling competitions, wrestlers are split into two weight categories:
* Men -85kg and +85kg
* Women -70kg and +70kg

    Beach Wrestling Rules (pdf)

    Australian Beach Wrestling Competition - See


The word sambo is a Russian abbreviation that means “self-defence without weapons” (самозащита без оружия). This combat technique was developed by Vasilii Sergeevich Oshchepkov, one of the pioneers of the soviet judo in the ‘20s. Sambo has around five thousand defence holds from the various national wrestling styles – Georgian, Tadjik, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kirghiz, and Armenian – as well as from disciplines based in defence. It was officially recognized as a sport by the National Committee of Physical Culture and Sports on 6 November 1938. The first USSR championship took place in 1939. (from

SOMBO Rules and Information (pdf)
   (Many thanks to for this information)
   Filas involvement with Sombo, see here and here

Wrestling Games

Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games is a selection of games and activities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies all around Australia. It provides an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture.

Indigenous games and activities have a rich history as some were recorded by explorers, government officials, settlers, scientists and missionaries in the nineteenth century. They have also been past down through generation by Indigenous Australians.  [From the ASC website]

Indigenous Games

Epoo korio (PDF -120.8 kb) Kal boming (PDF - 139.7 kb) Tingalpa (PDF - 109.4 kb)
Tur-dur-er-rin (PDF - 126.6 kb) Meetcha kambong (PDF - 122.7 kb) Boojur kombang (PDF - 114.8 kb)
Kari-woppa (PDF - 119.6 kb) Garumba (PDF - 136.4 kb)  

Other Games

Bone Fight (PDF - 89.0 kb) Bull Dozer (PDF - 85.8 kb) Bull Riding (PDF - 89.8 kb)
Caged Up (PDF - 83.5 kb) Crack Whip (PDF - 86.8 kb) Cricket Wickets (PDF - 84.4 kb)
Face Off (PDF - 86.9 kb) Flopping Fish (PDF - 88.1 kb) Fox Tails (PDF -102.7 kb)
Hand Shake (PDF - 88.9 kb) Knee Tag (PDF -105.9 kb) Log Lift (PDF - 86.7 kb)
Pummelling Around (PDF - 86.9 kb) Rescue Mission (PDF - 82.7 kb) Sneaky Snaps (PDF -108.7 kb)
Spider Fight (PDF - 89.9 kb) Spinning Bear (PDF - 99.2 kb) Switcheroo (PDF - 82.4 kb)
Switchers Breakdown (PDF - 87.5 kb) Switchers Hip Heist (PDF - 80.4 kb) Toe Tackles (PDF - 82.9 kb)
Turk Step (PDF - 88.9 kb)    

Other Coaching Advice

·  Advice from Champ (PDF -303.4 kb)

·  Nutrition Tips (PDF - 66.0 kb)

·  Weight Training (PDF -246.8 kb)

·  Coaching Tips (PDF -563.4 kb)

·  Tournament Mindset (PDF -110.4 kb)

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